Rovis Research Group

Department of Chemistry – Columbia University

Asymmetric Catalysis. Organocatalysis. Organometallic Chemistry.

“There are at least two reasons why scientists have an obligation to explain what science is all about. One is naked self-interest. Much of the funding for science comes from the public, and the public has a right to know how their money is being spent. If we scientists increase the public excitement about science, there is a good chance of having more public supporters. The other is that it’s tremendously exciting to communicate your own excitement to others.”

- Carl Sagan

Recent News:

  • 2/24/17:The group would like to welcome two more new Post-Doc’s Chiaki Yamauchi and Cedric Theunissen! More info can be seen on the group’s homepage.
  • 3/5/16: The group would like to welcome three new Post-Doc’s Kieth Barbato, Michael Danneman, and Takashi Iwata! More info can be seen on the group’s homepage.
  • 1/18/15: After spending some time together in what turned out to be a wonderful group getaway to Steamboat Springs, we would officially like to welcome first years Ben Ravetz, and Erik Phipps as well as Post-Doc Juntao Ye to the Rovis Research Group! We expect a lot of success from you all.